Why learn infant massage?

Infant massage is an amazing tool of communication for you and your baby and helps build strong bonds and attachment through nurturing touch.


Research has identified many benefits of infant massage and those benefits can be felt by babies, parents and the entire family (so everyone wins - hooray!)


For babies, infant massage can improve sleep and settling – and when baby sleeps better, so does the entire family. Infant massage can also provide the stimulation required to help improve baby’s growth, muscular development and tone, as well as stimulating baby’s sensory, language, brain and motor skills development. In addition, infant massage can alleviate the pain and discomfort associated with gas, colic, and other tummy issues, reducing crying and promoting relaxation through a reduction of infant stress.


Relaxed babies mean relaxed parents and therefore a more relaxed family environment. Infant massage also improves your understanding of your baby’s cues, leading to better communication between you and your baby and more confident parenting.


Learning infant massage provides you with a wonderful set of nurturing skills that can be used throughout babyhood, toddlerhood, childhood and beyond.



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