What happens in the classes?

I offer a course consisting of five weekly 90-minute classes covering infant massage strokes, relaxation, how to create the right environment for infant massage and correct positioning, rhythm and pressure. We’ll also learn about:


  • Baby’s behavioural states – when is the best time to massage? When might massage positively influence baby’s behaviour?
  • Baby’s cues – what are some of the things baby might tell you during massage?
  • How infant massage can assist your baby in terms of sleep, crying, physical and emotional pain, colic or “fussing” and digestive issues.
  • How infant massage can assist parents in terms of bonding, attachment, communication, relaxation and post-natal depression and trauma. I believe very strongly that the way parents feel is incredibly important, too – especially because parents’ feelings often take a back seat when all the focus is on baby.

My classes are best suited to parents of all ages and walks of life and babies from birth to pre-crawling. 


Fathers/partners are also encouraged to attend – learning infant massage is such a beautiful way for the “non-birthing parent” to take on a more nurturing role, and attending the classes together gives you some really special and worthwhile family-time (siblings are, however, discouraged from attending for reasons of safety and distraction.)


And - wait for it - crying babies ARE welcome – I promise! As a mother of two young children I am well-versed in the language of “WAAAAH!” and I don’t see crying babies as a disruption or reason for you to feel stressed or judged. I pride myself on creating a friendly and inclusive environment in my classes and nobody – big or small – has ever been looked down upon for having a good cry!


Please be assured that responding to your baby’s needs is part of the course. So if you need to feed, cuddle, settle your baby to sleep or change your baby’s nappy during the class you are absolutely free to do so and I’ll bring you up to speed on whatever you missed at the end of the class. Similarly, if your baby is asleep or just doesn’t feel like a massage, I provide instructor dolls for you to learn with in the meantime so you don’t miss out.


I provide you with a bottle of organic sunflower oil to massage your baby with (and keep) and each week I also provide some delicious treats for us to munch on during our discussion time, in which we cover topics including (but not limited to) the bonding process, crying as communication, sleep, parental stress, and ways to adapt and continue infant massage beyond infancy.


My course is priced at $180 for the five weeks. If you have a ready-made group (such as a mothers' group) I can discount this price to $155. And please note that the fee is the same even if both parents attend the course together with their baby, ie. I don’t charge extra for fathers/partners.

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