I can bang on all day about how enjoyable and worthwhile my classes are (and I sometimes do!) but who better to vouch for me than parents who’ve already completed my classes? Here are some comments from parents who were kind enough to give some written feedback…

"The classes were informative, friendly and relaxed. Terri was amazing - she knew her stuff and us as well. She put everyone at ease, answered questions and went with whatever the babies were doing. She had a great knowledge of the strokes and the impact on the body, was very personable and clearly believes in the benefits of massage." - K.M., mother of 8-month-old baby.

"I love massaging my baby, it's a fabulous way to keep us connected. I learned about my baby's needs and development through the massage strokes he liked. Terri was very patient and understanding and I enjoyed the classes very much. When my baby wasn't ready for massage she provided dolls to practise on so I didn't miss out." - H.N.A., mother of 8-month-old baby.

"Terri was very friendly and empathetic and created a comfortable, warm and friendly environment. She reassured us that our baby's needs came first and made us feel calm and ok if our babies cried. I liked learning about the different strokes and their benefits and my baby loved having her legs massaged! I have been to another baby massage class in the past and didn't feel the connection with my baby and always felt bad when my baby cried. Terri's class was the opposite - I felt more connected and learned more because I was relaxed and not stressed." - E.D., mother of 6-month-old baby.

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